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Strategic and Financial Advisors to Technology Companies
David W. Rowat

David W. Rowat is a Partner with Strategic Exits Corp., who helps technology entrepreneurs design and execute optimum exit transactions.

David has been Founder and CEO of a tech start-up and previously been CEO, CFO, and COO of public and private companies, both as a full-time employee and on contract through Strategic Catalysts Inc.

David has managed acquisitions, finance, operations, administration, and marketing, raised public and private financing, and managed Boards as Corporate Secretary.

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604.240.0061 (direct)

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Many hi-tech companies have found my Manual and best practices for Boards of early stage tech companies very useful in deriving the best value from their Boards of Directors.

Early Stage Tech BoardsEarly Stage Tech Boards - Board governance for early stage technology companies
This web site was created to assist directors and managers of early-stage technology companies to develop and operate high performing Boards of Directors.

Boards of early stage technology companies have a variety of significant challenges, and experienced directors can make a significant difference when the Board is structured and empowered properly.  This guide is particularly useful to the technology industry, which needs a system of Board governance that addresses its issues thoroughly.

Early Stage Tech BoardsSelling your technology company
Strategic Exits Corp. is a boutique investment bank whose sole purpose is to help founders and angels design and execute the optimal exit transaction for their technology company.  Strategic Exits has advised dozens of entrepreneurs and angels around the world in selling their technology companies.

Strategic Exits has developed and published Thought Leadership positions on trends affecting mergers & acquisitions in the tech industry including why virtual companies sell for more money and why an early exit is usually the best strategy.


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